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Use Code - SAVE2022 - At Checkout For Discounts On Parts, Plus Free Shipping!

68RFE M3GA JR V2 Billet Drum For Dodge Cummins 68-V2D

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$1,395.00 - $1,395.00
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Part Number: 68-V2D

Features and Benefits:

  • 24% improvement in hydraulic clamping force over factory drum
  • Increased friction elements in overdrive
  • Quad-ring design of inner drum o-ring maintains compression during high rpm's
  • Consistent factory like CVI's
  • New lip seal style for outer sealing surface for outer seal with increased diameter
  • Wall thickness increased to improved drum rigidity
  • No Centrifugal apply springs
  • Increased wall thickness to reduce lateral movement in overdrive apply plate
  • Completely assembled drop in replacement
This is the V2 68RFE billet drum, the most revolutionary thing that has happened to the 68RFE. There has been no other project here that we have invested as much research and development in. We have had over 1,000 horsepower on this drum. This is the be all end all of the 68RFE drums correcting the issues plaguing the overdrive circuit without the annoying squawk that is so common in the 68RFE.
This new 68RFE overdrive billet drum boast a whopping 24% clamping force over the factory drum improving apply time reducing slip engagement dramatically. This new V2 drum also incorporates a newly designed Quad Ring that allows ideal stretch and compression during higher rpm operation.  This ensures consistent cvi's throughout the life of the transmission.

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