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Use Code - SAVE2022 - At Checkout For Discounts On Parts, Plus Free Shipping!
Use Code - SAVE2022 - At Checkout For Discounts On Parts, Plus Free Shipping!

6R140 Guardian Zero Drag Torque Converter For Ford Power Stroke - Core Included In Price 6R140-GUARDIAN

Original price $2,645.00 - Original price $2,645.00
Original price
$2,645.00 - $2,645.00
Current price $2,645.00

Part Number: 6R140-GUARDIAN

**Core Charge Included In Price**


  • Furnace-brazed fin construction for improved strength and reliability
  • Utilization of factory damper assembly ensuring refined lock-up strategies
  • Improved spring system for increased reliability
  • SunCoast ADCCT Anti-Drag Captured Clutch Technology
  • New Torque converter clutch 
  • Custom turbine and pump angle manipulation to customers' needs
  • SunCoast custom rigid backing plate reduces deflection, improving apply conformity
  • Provides a more durable reaction surface than OE, improving longevity
  • New Torrington thrust bearing construction
  • Precision balanced dynamically to exact tolerances 
  • Manufactured and Tested by American workers in Fort Walton Beach, Florida


The Ford 6R140 platform was designed and built in-house by Ford Motor Company. With a deep first gear (3.97:1), double overdrive, and a one-piece deep skirt case it is easy to see why the 6R140 transmission is such a workhorse.

Ford, when designing the 6R140, also added Sinter-brazed gear carriers and a dual media filter that can extend service intervals up to 150,000 miles.

The 6R140 Transmission also has an integrated live PTO with a higher torque capacity than its Allison counterpart, while coming in at a stealthy 25lbs lighter, as well.

Captive clutch failure in the Ford 6R140 is a chronic problem that is difficult to address with stock components or traditional methods. 

Unlike most lockup converters, the 6R140 clutch does not engage the front cover — it moves away from the engine block and engages a stamped, steel backing plate, which is relatively thin and prone to flex. SunCoast addresses these issues by using a custom rigid backing plate that reduces deflection, improving apply conformity. This process provides a more durable reaction surface than OE, improving longevity and reliability for years to come.

Another weak point is the OE clutch, which is held together by a set of small, weak leaf springs. These springs are often broken or on the verge of breaking, causing the OE steel clutch plates to break loose and gouge the cover splines. Clutch failure occurs when damage and debris become severe, a particularly frequent issue in heavy-duty trucks that put massive stress on converter components. SunCoast improves the factory spring system on this 6R140 torque converter with a much more robust system, while also utilizing our ZERO-DRAG technology.

This new 6R140 torque converter is a perfect replacement for customers who do a lot of heavy towing or work out of their vehicles and put reliability as a priority.